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Hi! It is nice feeling to be there on the blog to share my venture!

     Many are surprised to hear that, I am M.B.B.S and instead of sitting in the clinic running around the manufacturing and marketing! I have to confess that , to be the entrepreneur, was my passion! After serving in the Public Health field for 25 years I had opted for pursuing my dream .But being into business was not the only agenda, it had to be meaningful to my profession as well.

     During my Postgraduate studies in Preventive medicine I had come across lot of literature about relation of Bad Nutrition to Lifestyle diseases . Also while conducting seminars , or while travelling around I had realized one thing that being a doctor , we are only advising people on good nutrition but there is hardly any healthy snacking choice available which is affordable, handy and tasty .This emerged thought later got converted into reality and ‘SAKAS FOODS’ is born along with the Brand ‘JUST EAT’.

     I like the way nutritionist put it , Food is Medicine! If you eat right , need not worry in night…it is as simple as that but the irony is nothing is simple though it appears to be !We are surrounded by the plethora of Junk Food and like Goebbel’s law , with so much propaganda about these products around we have started believing that whatever is costly ,packed attractively and delicious , mouthwatering , is Healthy.

     Finally I opted for ENERGY BARS as my first product. When I looked around for the same, there were few options , but they were mainly meant for Gym freaks or for those who are extremely health conscious. I wanted to give healthy snacking option for anybody and everybody and for any situation ,whether in good health or bad. Energy bars with whole grains were available but the grains are OATS,which nowadays are not preferred by Nutritionists due to its disadvantages. So now the products are born, CHOCOGRAIN and CHOCOMAGIC.

     My aim was to avoid 4 Health DRAGONS Maida,White Sugar, Vanaspati Ghee and Salt ! No Preservatives and Artificial Colours too ! Yes , I could do that ! Chocograin is made up of Wheat, Green moong, Peanuts, Sesame while Chocomagic is made up of Jowar, Bajara, Ragi and Sesame. I have used Jaggery and it is the most preferred form of Sucrose even for Diabetics due to its slow absorption . To add to the taste , pure cow ghee,and different flavors are used.

     The 3 layered packaging and added jaggery is acting as preservative and gives 90 days shelf life.The process of making these energy bars is as natural as homemade, though the product is factory made.Finally I am happy to start my entrepreneurial journey with something which can be useful to classes and masses, which can keep us away from junk , which can give us Energy in true sense , which is handy and affordable too !

     So , if you wish you can satisfy your hunger and taste buds , anytime anywhere ,without bloating and acidity. Why not give it a try ? Log on to Amazon or Flipkart and type Just Eat Enegy bar or if on my website www.justeatfoods.com you can directly go to Amazon or Flipkart. Your Health is a click away !

     Good Bye, for now , but surely will come back with more about four Dragons Maida,w hite sugar,vanaspati ghee and Salt !


  1. Dr. Lata Dethe

    Such a nutribar is the need of the hour. We are all very busy today to give time for cooking healthy food. Fast food and packaged food has become our habit. In such a scenario I got to taste Justeat nutribar and I found it a perfect combination of taste and nutrition. I wouldn’t mind my kids snacking on these bars… certain flavours are specifically liked by children…. I am a big fan of Justeat products.

  2. I personally have tasted just eat bars n the taste is amazing 😋.
    The contents are so nutritious that definitely help to be fit in this busy lifestyle. I really dont miss my food as the just eat bars are in my purse. The chocolate flavour is my favourite n mouthwatering. All the very best for your bright future n let me tell you that you are making different to masses by giving class product. Hats off to your dedication 🙏👍👌

  3. Sanjay Kshirsagar

    Really fantastic option in today’s fast lifestyle..We eat lot of fast food / junk food, this is perfect nutritious option to eat healthy & stay fit….very tasty also..

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