Maida , Maida Everywhere !

Hi ! As promised earlier , today let me introduce you to one of the health dragons,
Maida ! This is the baby of modern lifestyle. Our ancient wheat grains, converted into Aatta is limited now to homemade food. Then what is that which is mentioned on almost all packages as wheat flour as the first ingredient ? Mind you friends, it is Maida! When it is written as ‘Whole Wheat Flour’,then it is our whole wheat Aatta which we use at home. Again Multigrain is a marketing gimmick. Majority of times the major ingredient in it is Wheat flour or Maida , while other grains used are not even 25 %.Alas ! what a pity way of fooling customers !Lack of awareness even in educated and health conscious customers is the reason to fall prey of marketing by big stakeholders.
Now there are two questions in your mind,one is, why Maida is so popular and the other is why am I calling it as Dragon ?Let us first understand that how Maida is made ? Milling process of wheat grains ,strips off its nutrients ,then refining and making it white again reduces the nutrient load , literally leaving behind only carbohydrates without proteins, iron, folate, fiber and many other micronutrients. But this maida aatta is popular for bakery products because the dough is soft, elastic and does not break while baking.So easy for processing. Maida is cheaper too.You may argue that ‘ Fortified’ or’ Added vitamins’, should resolve the issue, but sorry to say that it is another gimmick as body is not able to utilize these added vitamins ,hence of no use to us.
The whole problem starts with the modern lifestyle, where sometimes food has become everyday food . The worst part of it is, Maida is tasteless and the products made up of it are tasty only because you add oil/butter/sugar making the scenario even worst .All bakery products like bread, toasts, cakes, pastries,biscuits,cookies and other products like burger,pizza,pasta,noodles are included in this band wagon.Samosa,sandwitch, pav bhaji,roti from restaurants are some more examples. Now this Maida without fiber is hard to digest, hence more consumption leads to acidity and constipation.Worst thing is Maida raises blood sugar fast ,causing strain over pancreas to produce insulin at faster pace. The excess of carbs are stored as fat..leading to obesity and related health hazards. Also one fine day pancreas give up and Diabetes catches you and it is the permanent companion whether you accept it or not! I am sure now you too will call it a Dragon.
As I said last time ,JUST EAT is the brand with NO MAIDA,NO White Sugar and No Vanaspati Ghee. Under this brand currently we are manufacturing CHOCOGRAIN and CHOCOMAGIC which are Energy Bars with whole grains and jaggery and comprises of good calories , proteins, fiber and micronutrients. Different flavors are available ..making it ‘Tasty bhi aur Healthy bhi !’No harm in trying once this healthy option by busy bees, sports persons, travelers, trekkers, sick people, school fact anybody.You can click on www. and avail the link of Amazone or Flipkart . Bye for now ! There are many food myths around.I will try to touch upon it next time. Wishing you all happy and healthy week ahead !


  1. Archana Gore

    Well worded. One more point, maida being sticky also slows down GI motility, i.e peristalsis, in simpler words blocks or slows down passage of food in intestines also predisposing to irritable bowel syndrome or in extreme cases cancers.

  2. Minal

    Very informative n well written!!! Many people are still unaware of the difference between wheat flour n whole wheat flour. That whole wheat flour too, I have heard that they use brown colour to make it look like gehu ka atta!

  3. Dr. Lata Dethe

    Very well written. More and more people should be made aware of the ill-effects of maida. Especially children should be advised about what these fancy foods like pastries pizzas and burgers can do to their health. Nutribar like ‘Justeat’ is a healthy replacement …taste bhi air health bhi.

  4. Ujwala

    V.nice info abt maida.
    As I’m a big fan of justeat products.
    Nutribars are very tasty.
    Pl be informed abt whole wheat floor bread which we get in the market as it’s colour is brownish I think they use brown colour to attract ppl in the name of organic food. ..!!..

  5. Madhuri Kaulgud

    V. Well written. And i have tasted your bars. Its good. But one suggestion .Its v. Sweet so
    If you will make it less sweet,we can use it and give to patients while giving diet plans.

  6. Swarada

    Indeed very well written !!!! Thank you for the comprehensive information about the problems caused by maida and the solution around it like we can use health bars such as JUST EAT ones . It is really an eye-opener.

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