Artificial sweeteners are harmful for our health and can lead to diabetes. Due to the processing and
preservation techniques used they have almost close to no nutritional value and are often a health
hazard. We, at Just Eat have vowed to use only natural ingredients in our products. That’s why
instead of artificial sweeteners, we use natural ingredients like Jaggery which gives us the same
sweet taste but without the harmful effects of processed sugar. Jaggery also has numerous health
benefits. Jaggery is known to purify your blood and boost the immune system. A limited amount of
Jaggery everyday detoxes your liver and blood of the harmful toxins. It also strengthens your
immune system significantly. We strive to make our products all natural and healthy. Due to so
many benefits of Jaggery we use it in our products. So what are you waiting for? Grab our nutrition

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