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flavour in chocomagic,chocograin


Chocomagic mini

Amount :  120/-per box

Description :

*Sugar-Here sugar means added sugar. In Chocomagic mini is used which represents added sugar. Jaggery is good for health.

As per nutritional recommendations, the calories consumed due to added sugar should not be more than 30 % per day. In Chocomagic mini, jaggery content contributes to 25 % of total calories provided by one bar.

**RDA- Recommended Daily Allowancemeans , amount of nutrient which should be consumed daily for healthy living. % RDA means, amount of particular nutrient present in the bar daily recommended value.

Ingredients: Jaggery,Sesame, Jower, Ragi, Bajra, Pure Cow Ghee, Cocoa Solids, Rice Balls.

Flavours: Orange.

Weight: 20 gm per 10 Mini Bars.

Shelf life: 90 days.

Sr. No. Nutrient Per Bar
(Approx. Values)
Per 100gm
1 Calories 95 Kcal 474.63 Kcal
2 Carbohydrates 12.5 gm 62.11 Gm
3 Proteins 2.25 gm 11.21 Gm
4 Fats 3.8 gm 20.15 Gm
5 Fibre 1.25 gm 6.32 Gm
6 Calcium 75 mg 370 Mg
7 iron 1.5 mg 7.6 Mg
8 Sugar 1.5 mg 30.02 Mg


No Maida.No Cholesterol, No Transfats,
No artificial Colors, Flavours,Preservatives
Full of Energy,Proteins, Fiber & Minerals